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  • ‘Me’ Pendant Necklace

    The presence in this 24K yellow gold-filled chain necklace from the ‘Me’ jewellery set, is unique and full of grace.

  • ‘Me’ long Pendant Necklace

    A show stopper of a long adjustable chain necklace from the ‘Me’ jewellery set.

  • Champagne Pearl Intricate ring

    A unique, one-off intricate ring of a 10mm golden/ yellow south sea Australian pearl, silver, 24K yellow gold filled  triple twisted wires, wrapped and folded by hand to create this beautiful ring.

  • Bridal ‘waterfall’ Chocker Necklace

    A one off creation of silver and yellow gold filled triple twisted wires with 10mm white Kasumi pearl and 12mm silver kashi pearl in a in a waterfall like arrangement of a unique intricate chocker necklace.

  • ‘Rejoice’ Earrings

    Show stopper, one- off extra large 14K rose gold filled leaf shaped earrings of a 26mm Kashi pearls with an intricate arrangement of triple twisted 24K yellow gold filled and silver wires creating this memorable earrings.

  • ‘Rejoice’ Necklace

    In times of sorrow or joy, the coming together of us as souls is the true sign of human spirit. Through the challenges, the separation inflicted by disease, there is always a way to rejoice by finding the connection.

  • ‘Peaceful’ Ring

    A memorable, full of presence, one- off ring with a 12mm Japanese white Kasumi pearl encapsulated in a smooth and intricate arrangement of smooth and triple twisted silver wires as well as triple twisted 24K yellow gold filled wires, creating a unforgettable look.