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  • ‘Me’ Pendant Necklace

    The presence in this 24K yellow gold-filled chain necklace from the ‘Me’ jewellery set, is unique and full of grace.

  • ‘Elegant’ ‘White Dove’ Pendant Necklace

    An ‘Elegant’ touch in ‘white dove’ pendant 24K Yellow Gold- Filled necklace.

  • ‘White Dove’ Pendant Necklace

    A delicate ‘white dove’ non tarnish Silver pendant necklace.

  • Bridal ‘waterfall’ Chocker Necklace

    A one off creation of silver and yellow gold filled triple twisted wires with 10mm white Kasumi pearl and 12mm silver kashi pearl in a in a waterfall like arrangement of a unique intricate chocker necklace.

  • Satin pearl Chocker Pendant Necklace

    An ‘Elegant’ touch in ‘white dove’ pendant 24K Yellow Gold- Filled necklace.

  • ‘Neshama’ Scroll

    A scroll like chain necklace of silver and gold filled wires with blue howlite and 3 ‘Neshama’ (soul) 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold plated on Silver Judaica pendants. This necklace is inspired by Solomon’s Holly temple in Jerusalem.

  • The ‘Zohar’ Blossom

    A unique arrangement into a pronounced intricate necklace, celebrating the ancient ‘Zohar’ book symbolised by the ‘Zohar’ pendant.

  • ‘Rejoice’ Necklace

    In times of sorrow or joy, the coming together of us as souls is the true sign of human spirit. Through the challenges, the separation inflicted by disease, there is always a way to rejoice by finding the connection.

  • ‘Graceful’ Necklace

    There would not be a thing here or there, gone unseen or unacknowledged. The connection to everything and everyone blossoms.

  • ‘Insightful’ ‘Crown Touch’ Necklace

    As we turn inwards we see outwards, as we see outwards we grow silent as our insight of beauty towards all intensifies. The presence of this necklace speaks of the tremendous sensitivity and courage it takes to have insight in life and follow it through the thick and the thin.

  • ‘Radiant Golden Touch’ Intricate Necklace

    This necklace speaks of the radiant light, the incredible transformative love that is there, when one finds connection. It has been 2 years in the making from beginning to end and has traveled to Israel, was presented in the holly Northern city of Tzfat and came back to me, until it has gathered its final form.